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Arriving By Vehicle:

After disembarking from the ferry, turn right on Front Street (just follow the ferry traffic at this point), then left on Spring Street (which is our main street), then left on First Street (see the Coldwell Bankers sign, it is also the first street to the left). This street turns into Harrison in one block.

Continue on First Street, it will turn into Harrison Street after one block, just pass the ferry line-up parking, (note here that you will see Warbass Way on your left, but it is a one way street so do not turn here unless you are walking) go up the hill on Harrison Street. It will drop back over the hill, go all the way to the T at the bottom of the hill, Turn left on Warbass Way, you will be heading back toward town, watch for the address, 250 Warbass Way. Look for a Big Green Mailbox with Friday Harbor Lights printed on the side. You will be almost back to the ferry parking lot. We are just before the waterfront condominiums at the end. Note: Street parking is limited, but you should have no problem parking.


After disembarking from the ferry, walk straight up the hill, by the ferry parking lot on your left, to First Street. Go left(east) on First and then left on Warbass Way, it is the first street after the parking lot. Warbass Way is a one way street.

Watch for the address right after the waterfront condominiums. For the Captain’s Quarters, (bottom of the stairs), Sweet Escape and Summer Dream, take a right on the stairs and go under the arch way. Room names are posted by the doors. The address is 250 Warbass Way. (Big Green Mailbox). The total distance is about two blocks.